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{{start}} OpSAFE is a medical device that enables touch free use of OsiriX MD image viewer for medical images. {{end}}

<h2>The Technology and its Advantages</h2>

Fully CE marked, the OpSAFE device comprises plug in software, foot pedal and LEAP motion controller.  Staff can remain scrubbed in and there is no need for an additional staff member to operate a system in another location as is often the case in current practice.  OpSAFE  enables medical image viewing controlled by the clinical team in the sterile theatre or procedure room.

<h2>Market Opportunity</h2>

Increasingly medical images are referred to during medical procedures,  for surgeons and interventional radiologists adopting  OpSAFe, Osirix MD and apple hardware is a cost effective way of getting easy to operate medical image viewer into sterile environments.  The OpSAFE device is ready to sell with CE mark and ISO compliant manufacturing in place.   We are seeking licensees in various territories to market and sell OpSAFE .

<h2>Intellectual Property Status</h2>


<h2>Further Information</h2>

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