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Passive Wireless Detection System
Available for: Licensing and Joint Development<h2>Summary</h2>{{start}} A team of researchers at UCL's Department of Electronic and Electrical Engineering, have developed a method for detection and tracking using existing wireless signals (WiFi) present in the everyday environment. {{end}}<h2>The Technology and its advantages</...
Published: 16/12/2014   |   Inventor(s): Karl Woodbridge, Kevin Chetty, Bo Tan
Keywords(s): Electronics, Security
Category(s): Sensors, Software - non-medical
On-Belt Tomosynthesis - A Low Cost 3D Imaging System
Available for: Licensing and co-development<h2>Summary </h2>{{start}} Professor Robert Speller and his team at University College London have developed a novel On-Belt Tomosynthesis system with the potential to produce high quality 3D composite images, at low cost, whilst baggage remains in transit through an airport conveyor system. Th...
Published: 01/03/2011   |   Inventor(s): Robert Speller, Caroline Reid
Keywords(s): Security
Category(s): Sensors, Imaging - Medical, Laboratory Equipment & Imaging
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