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Vander Poorten: Device and method for force measurement in simulated minimal invasive surgery
Available For: Licensing<h2>Summary</h2>{{start}} A training device for minimally invasive surgery with built-in force sensing. {{end}}<h2>The Technology and its Advantages </h2>The demand for ‘minimally invasive’, ‘laparoscopic’ or ‘key-hole’ surgery techniques has increased in recent yea...
Published: 09/05/2017   |   Inventor(s): Emmanuel Vander Poorten
Keywords(s): Surgery
Category(s): Medical Devices, Surgery
Novel Percutaneous Heart Valve
Available for: Licensing<h2>Summary</h2>{{start}} A novel design of artificial aortic valve for transcatheter implantation. {{end}}<h2>The Technology and its Advantages</h2>Degenerative aortic stenosis due to senile valve calcification has become the most common valvular disease and although open heart surgical replacement h...
Published: 06/01/2012   |   Inventor(s): Gaetano Burriesci, Alex Seifalian, Costas Zervides
Keywords(s): Pulmonary & Repiratory, Surgery
Category(s): Medical Devices
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